Volumetric Fog - implementation in CG

This project shows the functionality and capacity of a Cg programming environment on the basis of volumetric fog. The new programming language Cg allows the development of a new type of programs performed on graphics hardware. It makes it possible to control the shape, appearance, and motion of objects drawn. This will usher in an exciting new era for the graphics community. This project provides an overview of Cg and demonstrates the implementation of some examples. Major topics in computer graphics are also highlighted.

Volumetric Fog

Different versions of fog are described notionally. The main focus is on the volumetric fog, which only occurs in a bounded area. The functionality is documented accurately. According to a considerably mathematical model a universal implementation in any programming environment is possible. A basic implementation of Cg shows the interaction of the different elements in the programming environment. Special scenarios enable a detailed analysis of the final result. Potential problems are highlighted and solutions for them are developed.


Volumetric Fog term paper (german)