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    An overview of my projects.
    • Midnight Engine
      The powerful game engine features full physics integration and state-of-the-art computer graphics.
    • Evolving Ogre
      The game demonstrates the use of learning methods and the implementation of AI in computer games.
    • Neon Racer
      An multi-user augmented reality racing game.
    • sFear
      A 3D game on a mobile device.
    • KulturGuide
      Interactive museum guide on basis of the ARS Electronic Center.
    • CG - Volumetric Fog
      Theory of volumetric fog and implementation in the Shader-language CG.
    • Berlinvasion
      Interactive journal and shoot'em'up game dedicated to Berlin’s emblem
    • SiteManager
      A robust content management system focusing on easy maintenance and low system requirements.
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      A gallery of my created websites
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      A gallery of my created games
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