Get professional with HTML 5

HTML 5 offers new possibilities for developing cross platform online games. Traditional game developers can find it hard to migrate to HTML 5. A lack of tools, long standardization, a prototype-based scripting language, and shaky browser support needs to be mastered to develop the next big online hit.

This talks gives an insight on how game studios can migrate to HTML 5 from C++ or Flash and professionally develop great games on both desktop and mobile. It also demonstrates workflows used at Sproing--an independent game developer in Austria--for developing large scaled HTML 5 games. Best practices, performance tweaks, and known pitfalls are discussed based on the experience gained during the development of an cross platform online game. It also shows how tools like GWT or PlayN can be used to overcome some of JavaScript’s weaknesses and to make it easier for traditional game developers to tap the full potential of this exiting new platform.