Neon Racer

Neon Racer is a multi-user Augmented Reality racing game adapting the simple and powerful gameplay of racing games to an Augmented Reality tabletop setting. The game combines an intuitive and tangible interface with quality content. The active setting for the game is provided by the real world. Physical objects act as collision obstacles and influence the course of the race itself.

Neon Racer in action

Augmented gaming

Neon Racer combines a virtual racing game with physical interaction. A benefit of transporting racing games to AR is the ability to include physical objects as part of the game. Neon Racer creates a rich gaming experience by using everyday objects as the setting of a racing game for up to four players. The virtual world contains the players' vehicles, which are controlled with gamepads.

Neon Racer Ships


Players can use both gamepads and real objects to influence the game. Virtual vehicles collide with real objects, allowing players to move in both the physical and virtual world. The use of two intuitive user interfaces – real objects and gamepads – bridges the gap between virtual and physical interfaces.


Neon Racer was demonstrated successfully at the Pixelspaces Exhibition 05, part of the Ars Electronica festival in Linz and the ISMAR 05 in Vienna. Even after intense play, no drawbacks in performance occurred. We were amazed by the consistently positive feedback of the audience. Future considerations for Neon Racer focus mostly on gameplay and graphical enhancements. Custom shaders and physical models can improve the pace and make Neon Racer more challenging.