KulturGuide (art guide)

The ARS Electronica Center in Linz provides knowledge transfer. An interactive museum guide could help the visitor in this case. The development on mobile end devices features new possibilities. Different approaches and an ascertained implementation are demonstrated. Similar projects are introduced to obtain new aspects.


The interactive museum guide KulturGuide is developed on the basis of the ARS Electronica Center. The program runs on a handheld PC and assists the user at his visit. A XML-File provides the content and is easily manipulated with a special editor. A location-based service offers site-related information to the visitor. This system is implemented with special infrared transponders. The functionality of the KulturGuide acts in accordance with the requirements of the ARS Electronica Center and the conclusion of other relevant projects.

Kulturguide Logo

Different technical components are used to get the best result. Miscellaneous systems are available and have to be examined as to their benefits. Compatibility is an important aspect. Potential problems are highlighted and solutions for them are developed.


KulturGuide term paper (german)